Meg’s Musings

Question 1:  What would you do if you were a manager and an employee of yours walked into work with a green, glittered mohawk?

This question popped into my head at 6:30am when I first stepped into the dining room and noticed that a certain employee still had a green, glittered mohawk.  Yes, still had the mohawk.  As in she had been politely asked yesterday to change her hair to something more conservative before going into work the next day. 

My answer:  Send her home early and bring in someone else to work.  Hopefully she’ll make a change for tomorrow.  

(That’s just wrong.)   


Question 2:  What would you do if 15 hungry business recruiters told you that they needed to leave before their food was even delivered to their tables?

This question arose due to a miscommunicated lunch reservation.  Fifteen professional recruiters walked into the dining room expecting to see a buffet lunch that they could eat quickly and instead were greeted by myself and a non-mohawked employee with full menus to order from.  They placed orders and then waited for their food to be made from scratch.  When their dishes weren’t ready by the time their next round of interviews began, I was forced to either comp their food and let them go away hungry, or think of a way to still feed them even if it couldn’t be in the dining room.

My answer:  Offer delivery service.  Luckily I knew where the interviews took place today, so I offered to drop their food off as soon as it was ready.  Were they happy?  No, not really.  But it was a better option than not giving them anything after waiting such a long time. 

Moral of the story:  Do what you can to try make your customers happy, even if it means taking an extra 5 minutes and 500 steps out of your day.   And if you want to mohawk your hair, do it on days you’re not scheduled to work.


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