United States of Food


Just found this map from a blog post on CNN’s Eatocracy.  How awesome is this? 


You can see the full map at www.myfoodlooksfunny.com.  A goal of mine is to travel to and stay at least one night in all 50 states in my lifetime (only 15 more to go!).  I may expand this goal to include eating what each state is known for!

Looking at the map, I’ve already eaten most of the items for states I’ve traveled to.  Most recently, I tasted Oregon hazelnuts on a pizza that featured fresh salmon and hazelnut butter (sounds weird, but it was delicious!).  I may “take a trip” to Vermont tonight and pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s later on.

There are a few things I’ve never heard of like chislic (South Dakota), coffee milk (Rhode Island), and knoeplah (North Dakota).  There are other states that I’m just curious as to why they ended up with the foods they did.  Anyone know the significance of green Jell-O in Utah? 

This map brings up a question — if you could choose any state to live in solely based on the food representation in this map, where would you live?  I think I would either go with Hawaii or California.  I am a grape fiend and pineapple never gets old.  But then again, I do love a good omelet, so maybe Colorado.  Really, I think I could live anywhere, and this map reinforces it.


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