Birthday Wishes

Thank you for all the birthday wishes today!  I’ve been having a very good day so far cooking and getting ready for a dinner party with friends tonight.  Lotsa pizza is on the menu, and I’ve been preparing enough to feed a very hungry crowd of 15 or so.  Recipes will come later….need to make sure they turn out well first!

Looks like someone will be wishing for a cleaning lady to magically show up at her doorstep tomorrow when she blows out the candles tonight. 🙂



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2 responses to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Mom & Dad

    Hope you had a lovely day, Meghan! Happy #24! I’m sure the food was delicious! Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Barbara Bollenback

    OOPs, bad grandma, missed your birthday. So belated birthday wishes for many many more. YOur party sounds like fun. I’d love the recipe for chick pea salad. Love and sorry again. grandma b

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