We Have a Zinner!

Zinner as in zinfandel.


Sorry for the bad pun, but I can’t help it sometimes.

Also sorry that I didn’t post a Wine of the Week last week.  I think you’ll be happy when you realize that this week’s choice is worth the wait.

I was treated last week to a glass of Napa Cellars Zinfandel and I really don’t want anything else right now.  I probably never would have tried it because it was one of the more expensive options on the list at a local wine bar, but am so so happy I did.  After having this zin and then comparing it to a less pricey option later that night…it was like crème brûlée vs. Jell-O.  Except in this case, you would want to be the crème brûlée! (My Best Friend’s Wedding, anyone?)

Anyway, this wine is so spicy, bold, a little heavy, and absolutely delicious. 

The best news?  It averages between $15 – $16 in retail stores!  Win win!  I can already forsee buying this for certain friends and family members’ birthday presents.  I may need to buy stock in Total Wine & More now.


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