Rock Your Asana

I was in a bit of a funk most of today.  Not enough energy to go for a run, but enough energy to get annoyed by just sitting around the house all day.  I decided to attempt to fix my frustrated mood by trying something new:  a Rock Your Asana yoga class at Franklin St. Yoga in Chapel Hill!  It was the perfect cure and reminded me that nothing like a good bit of exercise and a new challenge can cure any blah moods.

Rock Your Asana was really fun!  And a lot harder than I thought it would be.  🙂  It’s considered a “power yoga” class, so you tend to flow consistently without taking many breaks between asanas (which simply means poses).  I learned a lot of new poses and also bended in ways that I didn’t know I still could.  For example, I did this (which I don’t think I’ve attempted since elementary school P.E. classes)…

Wheel pose...mine did not look that pretty.

And this…

Crow pose....really fun.


The main difference between the yoga you typically see and the yoga in this class?  Instead of hearing calm, instrumental music throughout the class, the instructor played a mix of popular songs from his iPod.  Queen, Hall and Oates, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin….they all helped me rock my asana!   Very fun, relaxing, and I have a feeling I’ll be a tad sore tomorrow.   

I’ll leave you with a quote from the instructor today…

In yoga practice, we subtract something each day.  We subtract worry, anxiety, work, and the past in order to make room for new growth.  It is a continuous process.


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