Superhero’s Smoothie

It’s been a rough week in the world.  The type of week that makes me wish there were real live superheroes to come save our planet and people when we need it most.
Captain Planet…can you head to Japan for a bit?


Instead of just focusing on how horrible everything is in Japan, I think it’s also a good time to sit back and think about why you should be happy today.  Here’s my reasons for why I’m smiling this week…

  • RemixYourHealth has an AWESOME March Madness-themed food bracket:  The Belly Buster!  It’s interactive, gives you info you probably didn’t know about your favorite fruits and vegetables, and also provides links to easy recipes.  Just click the link to the bracket (or go to and cast your votes for the produce you think will win.  Very fun.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say Team Spinach all the way!
  • I’m attending a training class this week that focuses on growing leadership skills and learning how to leverage them for the better in your work and personal life.  It’s always fun to meet new people, learn new skills, and get out of “the office” for a while (a.k.a.– the dining room).
  • Flowers, flowers, everywhere.

  • Warmer weather means smoothie time!  My blender has received some quality attention from me lately, and last week I remembered that I used to live with a superhero…  

I worked in Vegas for a summer and during that time lived with a roommate who had a three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.  These two were quite entertaining, particularly the little boy who tried to convince me that his name was Batman Spiderman and that he could fly and scale walls.  I successfully assisted his mom on multiple occassions in talking him down from bookcases and fireplace mantles that he had climbed atop of, ready to take flight into Gotham City.  One of my tricks that worked like a charm?  This smoothie.

The picture and ingredient list may throw some of you off, but I dare you to try it.  I don’t think I’ve steered you wrong yet with a recipe, so just trust me on this.  And if a three-year-old asks for seconds, I’m hoping you will, too.

Superhero’s Smoothie
Serves 2 

1 frozen or fresh banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup fresh spinach leaves (if using frozen, you’ll need ½ to ¾ cup)
½ of a ripe, small avocado
1 cup skim milk of choice
¼ to ½ cup water
10 or so ice cubes
sweetener of choice (such as 1 tsp. sugar or ¼ tsp. vanilla extract)


Place first 5 ingredients in a blender and blend on low until smooth (depends on your blender speed, but about 30 to 45 seconds).  Add in ice cubes, water, and sweetener if desired, and blend on high for about 45 seconds.  Once blended to a smooth consistency, split into two glasses and enjoy!


If after consuming you feel the need to climb walls or jump from tall objects, please refrain from acting on your impulses. 

And in case you want to be a superhero to someone else, here’s a list of charities you can donate to in order to help those in Japan.


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