The Past Three Days…

Here are some photos of what I learned, ate, and saw in the past three days at my conference.  It was a very enjoyable experience and I met or reconnected with many great people in the hospitality industry. I did many fun things in a very short time, and wanted to share through the pictures (all from my phone, sorry if they’re a little blurry).  Enjoy!

In the past three days, I saw cherry blossoms bloom at the nation’s capital…

IMG_20110322_110952 (800x598)

I sampled world class food from around the world including fried clams with onion slaw, sushi made to order, Fluffer Nutter sandwiches (I was in heaven), freshly pressed beet juice with parmesan crisps, and duck confit.

IMG_20110323_203322 (800x598)     IMG_20110323_192103 (737x800)

IMG_20110323_203155 (598x800)           IMG_20110323_192800 (800x586)

I was able to live out a day in the life of my dream job as a Top Chef judge and sample dishes created by top chefs from 8 different countries and watch them compete in the Copper Skillet Competition (watch it here!).  Two of the most interesting dishes – sweet saffron risotto and champagne gelatin with gingersnaps.

IMG_20110324_124154 (598x800)           IMG_20110324_132227 (800x598)

I experienced Cisco’s Web-Ex technology by participating in a hybrid meeting (combining virtual and face-to-face together) and also heard fantastic jazz singers from Howard University.

IMG_20110324_161210 (800x623)    IMG_20110325_103844 (800x599)

I learned a lot (and did a lot more than eat), and had a very successful conference.  I fly back to NC late tonight and then it’s back to work tomorrow.  Regular posts with recipes should resume shortly as soon as I digest all I ate this week.


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