Wine of the Weeeeeek

Take the word “Weeeeeeeek” from the title, subtract the W, and then read it again.  Yes, it says, “Eeeeeeeek,” and that is how I feel about the next few days coming up!  I’m extremely busy at work with lots of different events taking place now through Sunday morning.  This means that I’ll be lucky to take 10 minutes for lunch, let alone cook anything in the next few days.  Thank goodness I have soup ready to go.

So here’s a quick post before heading in for the day…

I took a break from wine this week as I’ve been under the weather, but I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to an old favorite.  I’m pretty sure that 60% of the people who buy this wine are college co-eds, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  It’s actually quite good and makes me happy when I drink it.

Barefoot White Zinfandel.

You’re probably laughing that I even like this.  But I think every wine has a time and place, and spring is a great time to break out this sweeter blend.  Barefoot’s website describes it as having “flavors like Georgia peach and pineapple, sun-ripened strawberries and succulent pear and is light and lively as they come.”  Sounds like spring in a bottle to me.

Plus it’s pink.  It matches the blooming flowers.

It’s extremely affordable (as all Barefoot wines are), so go buy a bottle and enjoy outside tonight.  Have a glass for me!


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