Fiesta Friday

For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to think of some cheap, easy-to-make “fiesta” decor to decorate buffet tables for a themed dinner I have tonight.  Thanks to those that helped (L.Bo), but unfortunately I ran out of time to use any of my arts and crafts skills.  Instead, I made a stop at Party City today and immediately became transfixed on this…..

Oh yes.  I will make one of the groups I have group tonight for dinner break open an ice cream cone pinata.  Ice cream cones are not very “fiesta-ish” but I’m just going to roll with it.  The candy is sure to be a hit.  I can see the group in my mind already fighting over candy as soon as it pops open.

I almost bought this one…

But then I realized that other people probably don’t find unicorns as hysterical as I do.  This one honestly just looks like it’s in pain.

Hope you’re having a fun little fiesta Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!


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