Flying High

This weekend I went indoor skydiving at Paraclete XP in Raeford, NC.  It was my second time doing this, the first being at a family reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN, many many years earlier.  I really didn’t remember my first experience that much, so I was excited to try it again with some friends.

The verdict?


I’m a little sore still in my shoulders and lower back (so don’t do it if you have any major problems in those areas), but it was so worth it!  Just imagine…you’re in a wind tunnel with your arms and legs extended, and you just float.  It’s quite peaceful.  Of course there are 105+ mile per hour winds engulfing you, but it’s still relaxing. 

And that’s actually the trick to doing this well.  As my instructor said about 20 times during the training session, “Just chill out.  Relax.  And breath.”  Sounds like a yoga class in the air.

If you do “chill out,” you tend to catch on faster.  I did really well according to the instructor and learned how to spin and fly up higher and lower on my own, all within 3 minutes of total flight time. 

The best part?  At the end of my last minute of flying, the instructor asked (or really gestured and mouthed the question to me since I was flying about 15ft. above him and couldn’t hear anything) if I wanted him to take me up to the very top of the tunnel.  Obviously, I mouthed back a “Yes.”

**Side note:  This is probably making my mom really nervous as I have a penchant for jumping (and now flying) down from great heights.  I will never be forgiven for cliff jumping off of 60ft. cliffs in college.  And though I don’t have plans for jumping off ledges anymore, I may have a new love for flying in 56ft. tall wind tunnels.  Sorry, Mom.

Anyway, I said yes to the question, and before I knew it, I was catapulted to the top of this tunnel by 105+ miles per hour winds.

And then dropped.

And then catapulted, again!

And then dropped.

And then catapulted, again!

And then dropped.

My instructor was with me the entire time in the air, and the speed at which this took place was incredible.  Such a rush.

If you want to see what the pros are capable of, here’s a fun video.

I didn’t do any flips or walking on walls like the instructor does here, but who knows…maybe I will one day.  I just won’t tell my mom.



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  1. Em

    Bahahah. Cliff Jumping 🙂 I will always have that memory. ❤ you

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