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A note from the road…



I’m on my way to NYC for the weekend and am ridiculously excited about this trip!  I haven’t been to the city in almost 6 years now.  Oddly enough, I’m staying with the same friend that I stayed with back in ’05.  Except now instead of sleeping in a dorm at Columbia, I get to stay in a new apartment in Midtown!  I really don’t even know what that means in terms of location within the city.  All I know is that I’m about 3 miles from the Central Park Zoo and may make a stop there as I’ve never been.

 Just wanted to give a quick update while on the road here.  Thanks to VaMoose, I’m being shuttled via bus to New York for only $60 round trip!  It’s a traditional tour bus and is much nicer than the school bus (not the yellow kind…simply a school-sponsored bus that must’ve been from the 1970s) than I took on my last trip up.  Plus it has free wi-fi…awesome perk!

 I’m going to enjoy the free time and catch up on some reading and scenery.  I’m in Jersey now, about an hour or so left in the trip. See ya from the city!

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